Case Studies

Ute Fit Out Case Study


  1. VENTURLITE® 2020 0.5mm aluminium reinforced sheet 20mm Mill Finish painted after manufacture
  2. ACP80360 End Cap 20mm
  3. ACP2850 Cabinet Door Jamb 20mm or ACP81566 Cabinet Door Jamb with Retainer 20mm
  4. ACP1532A Ext Corner 20mm
  5. ACP1534 Int Corner 20mm
  6. ACP81636 Corner Joiner 20mm


VENTURELITE® 2020 can be easily cut and drilled with standard tools, such as circular saws, routers etc.Negative rake blades are recommended for circular saws.Caution should be taken in case of aluminium burrs on cut edges. Face sheets must be kept clean and free from any oil or grease before painting or bonding.

Components and complete interiors can be fabricated using VENTURELITE® Profiles & Assembly Accessories, cutters and polyurethane paste adhesives.

Additional Information

Sikaflex 291 is used to bond panels and extrusions.